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The Itty Bitty Book(TM) series is for people who hate to read. It works great for people who are very busy too! The authors in this series are tasked to get their specialty down to ’15 simple steps’ and I did this too!

Of course, I wrote about Space Exploration.

For each ‘step’ I wrote, I included an ‘additional’ and an ‘advanced’ activity for each one.

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Your Amazing Itty Bitty(tm) Explore Space Now! Book
15 Simple Ways to Personally and Directly Participate in Space Exploration RIGHT NOW!

The content of this book is based loosely upon the numbered items from posts to my original blog. There are over 120 and counting. If you’d like a very quick review, this book is for you!

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Pam thank you so so much for organizing the tour today. My daughter and I had a blast and Mission Control really made her day!!! You rock!!!

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